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Protektor Net Crop

SKU: Protektor Net Crop

PROTEKTOR NETS (CROP) are Anti-Insect nets that protect the Crop from the menace of Agricultural Pests. The Anti-Insect Component is incorporated in the net through a proprietary Impregnation Technology, which allows for the Regeneration of the Anti-Insect Ingredient from within the Fiber to the Surface of the Net in a controlled and continued rate.

Nets can be safely used in standard set ups against inclement weather conditions and animals, with the additional protection of 100% kill effect on insect pests that affect the crop.

With PROTEKTOR NETS (crop), fumigation is not required, eliminating the direct exposure of crops to harmful chemicals. As a result, more abundant and healthier produce can be achieved efficiently. 

* All our products can be customized to fit specific requirements