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About Us

The Synthetic Fiber Specialist

With more than 45 years of expertise, Siang May has become a respected Market Leader in the manufacture of Synthetic Fiber Products. From its headquarters in Singapore, Siang May tightly supervises its factories in China and South East Asia, producing High Quality Products made of 100% Pure Raw Materials. Siang May’s Standards and Customised Solutions are used across Commercial Fishing, Aquaculture, Agriculture, Construction and Horticulture Industries.

Global Presence

Siang May exports to more than 60 countries worldwide and is one of the Major Manufacturers of Synthetic Fiber Nets, Lines, Ropes and Twines. Siang May has Clients across the 5 Continents and its commitment is to establish Long Term Relationships by delivering the Highest Standards of Quality and Service.

Our Mission

“We provide Fiber Nettings and Machinery to our Worldwide Customers, always with an Extra Value-added Service delivered through Product Customization, Higher Quality and Constant Innovation”

At Siang May we believe that every Successful Business Operation implies Trust, Dedication and Adaptation. We are specialized in all types of Fiber Nettings: Twines, Fishing nets, Agriculture nets, Aquaculture Cages, Bags and even Machinery and Spare Parts. Because we can adapt easily to our Customers, we provide Unique Expertise in making your product exactly to your norms and requirements.

Our challenge is to keep increasing our presence and activity throughout the Five Continents, and our Commitment is to offer the Best to our Clients. That is why we will continue offering High Quality Products and Researching and Developing New Solutions for tomorrow.


“We needed customised aquaculture cages, Siang May just made it simple”

A. Leberre
(Aquaculture farm Director)

“After several disappointments with some Asian suppliers, we found the right balance between quality and price with Siang May”

R. Galindo
(Fishing Company)

“We have been working together for more than 12 years, what else can be said”

J. Strings
(Nets & Ropes Wholesaler)