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Control RELEASE Technology


Antifouling Bioactive Integrated Technology (ABITECH), is the incorporation of the anti-biofouling bioactive within the structure of the synthetic material, to provide for a more environmentally friendly, controlled, effective and lasting release of the biocide.

Biofouling occurs everywhere when there is contact and exposure to wet areas. Underwater equipment used in shipping, mariculture, power stations, water supply systems, sewerage systems, oil piping, etc are subjected to biofouling from the adherence of organisms such as algae and barnacles. 

Many different solutions have arisen, but   currently they are effectively limited to mechanical cleaning and copper based coatings that come with a high financial or environmental cost. 

ABITECH is the result of Siang May’s more than 15 years of R&D in the search of a more effective, ethical and cost efficient control of fouling. ABITECH is a proprietary technology used for the first time in the aquaculture industry and applicable to all industries requiring a biofouling control solution.  


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