Synthetic rubber
Synthetic rubber floats are quite conventional and economical. Synthetic rubber features good resistance to oil and abrasion which are their main challenges. They are still today probably the most commonly used floats in Commercial Fishing.

ABS Plastic
ABS Plastic floats come in various sizes and types. They can include double ears, globe float, double holes , four holes, ect. Most of the time they are being used for deep sea fishing and Aquaculture purposes.

PVC floats are quite notorious for their high Weight / Buoyancy ratio. They are used all over the globe and belongs to the basic needs in Commercial Fishing equipment

Made from Ethylene Viny Acetate, E.V.A. Floats are resistant even in extreme conditions. They have great elasticity, do not break, shrink, or deform which makes them perfect to use on Fishing Nets. E.V.A. Floats are light and soft and do not absord water. This results in more efficient and economical handling. They also benefit from a very high tensile strength