FD 1000
“Value for Money” Fishing Line
• Made of PA6 raw material
• Reliable quality lines
• Good transparency and good breaking strength.

FD 2000
Premium: “High Breaking Strength” Fishing Line
• Made of PA6/PA66 mixed raw material
• High breaking strength and knot strength
• High transparency and suppleness

FD 3000
Superior: “ High Performance” Fishing Line
• Made of Co-Polymer and Multi-Polymer PA6/PA12 raw material
• Extremely strong and low diameter line.
• Excellent transparency, suppleness and abrasion resistance

High Abrasion Line

• Produced using nanotechnology for extra high abrasion resistance.
• Semi transluscent base line colour.

Long Line

• Premium peformance lines for commercial fishing.
• High strength, suppleness and good transparency
• High Abrasion resistance
• Ideal for tuna, swordfish and Patagonian tooth fish.
• Available in wooden reel and coils

Leader Line

• Strong leader material.
• Good elasticity and suppleness
• Improved transparency.
• Spools, coils and “ready to use” pre-cut leaders.

Hard Line

• Monofilament coated with extra hard resin
• Tough, durable and good castability.
• Ideal for hand line or leader material for saltwater fishing.

Industrial Line

• Specially designed nylon monofilament
• Great for core material for braiding 8 strand marine rope.

Trimmer Line

• Premium Trimmer Line
• High Abrasion Resistant
• Lasts longer
• Cuts better
• Fits all brands