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Pearl Nets for bivalves farming

The suspended cultivation using long lines with pearl nets has been used widely for aquaculture farming of some varieties of mollusc bivalves. Among the farmed species with pearl nets are oysters, clams and scallops.

The special care that pearl oysters need, make pearl nets the best solution for farming. Light and robust at the same time, pearl nets allow a secure and easy handling of the oysters.

As trusted suppliers and manufacturers, we have worked very closely with farmers in order to develop better and long lasting pearl nets.

Pearl Nets made of quality material

Pearl Nets made of quality materials

Both, our pearl nets and lantern nets, are made of 100% pure high density polyethylene that warranties an optimal protection for the larvae.

The steel frames used in our pearl nets and lantern nets are first welded and secondly coated with plastic, in order to avoid any rust. This special feature together with our top class nettings give an exceptional lifespan to our pearl nets and lantern nets.

During more that 20 years as manufacturer and supplier of pearl nets, quality has been our main driver, that is why we continue being one of the main providers.

Pearl Nets zip close-up

Exclusive Pearl Nets with zip

We provide pearl nets with two opening types, the classic HDPE string or the practical ZIP system. In pearl nets the ZIP opening is a convenient solution that allows the busy shellfish farmer to save a valuable amount of time.

We are probably the bigger pearl nets supplier in the world and we have more that 20 years experience as manufacturer for the main farmers in Japan, Australia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Spain, France, Greece and Canada, among many others.


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