Lantern Nets Information

Lantern Nets

Our Lantern Nets come in various mesh sizes, raschel knotless in monofilament blue and knotted in polyethylene, with solid steel rings and cross-bar galvanized anticorrosion coating for very long duration.Openings can be closed with regular HDPE or a VELCRO system.

Lantern Nets Information

Pearl Nets

Pearl Net Cages are widely used all over the world for all the life stages of Shellfish Farming.
Openings can be Classic knots, Velcro or even with a zipper closure

Collector Bags

Collector Bags are quite well known in the shell-farming and the shell-fishing community. They remain an efficient growth support for many types of clams.

Eel Fykes

These complex nets are mostly used in strong current rivers to catch eel type fishes. It is an efficient and safe way to ensure eel catches.

Net Cage

Self-sustainable Aquaculture without harming the environment is one of the main challenge of the Aquaculture Industry. Introducing recent anti-fouling technology, Siang May is able to cater the adapted farming facilities you require for a succesful farming operation.

Bird Net

In terms aquaculture, birds are considered a pest that needs to be managed. Our anti-bird nets guarantee peace for your fishes without harming hungry or curious birds.