Harvest nets for olive
Our olive nets are produced from pure raw material and are easy to install, UV treated, very flexible, very resistant and durable. They have been exported mainly to Greece, Spain and North Africa and have greatly contributed to recent harvests. Many different sizes are currently available.

Dates bags
Our dates dags have been successfully exported mainly to North Africa to help producers to protect their crops against insect invasion while faciliting the harvest. Our bags are composed by two parts, the upper part consists in a cloth that ensures full protection against rain, and the lower part is the insect screen that enables air and light to penetrate while keeping insects away.  Our bags are resistant, durable, easy to install,  UV stabilized and are specifically designed to fit dates plantations requirements.

Fruit packing
Our fruit packing are mainly manufactured from HDPE, but other material can be used according to a specific requirements. Our nets are resistant, durable, easy to use,UV stabilized and available in different colors and sizes.