Agriculture & Husbandry
Siang May exploits its knowledge in technical textile to develop a wide range of agrotextile and husbandry tools that helps users to manage natural constraints such as extreme weather conditions in order to optimize their yield. Our products follow a strict quality control during their production and are currently exported globally.

Almost 50% of the global seafood market comes from aquaculture ; the fastest growing food production sector nowadays. The expansion of the aquaculture industry does not come without consequences, which is why Siang May emphasizes on the necessary sustainability of any Aquafarms to preserve fish populations diversity, marine habitats and water quality through the choice of the right farming tool.

Commercial Fishing
Fiber handling and transformation is at the heart of commercial fishing supplies. From Nylon to Polyethylene, our fishing supplies quality has been well proven over the years.with a wide range of products, Siang May provides all the equipment necessary for an optimal efficient catch.

Construction & Safety Nets
A safety net is in most cases a net to protect people from injury after falling by limiting the distance they fall. It may also be a device to arrest falling or flying objects for the safety of people beyond the net.

Sport Nets
Our netting department has been designing and building the best nets for 30 years. Our expertise, quality and efficiency has earned us respect in the industry. We build nets for a wider range of uses than you might imagine, such as: Baseball cages, Soccer nets, Basketball nets, golf driving range netting, Tennis nets, etc. We offer the same expertise and quality of workmanship for which Siang May is famous for in Asia.

Textile Machinery
Siang May has greatly contributed in entrepreneurs business expansion by providing technical textile equipment that enhances productivity and finished product price competitiveness. These equipments follow strict quality control policies and safety standards for an optimized reliability and operation. Siang May machineries have already been exported globally and can be customized to fit producers ambitions and requirements.