High Market Value:
Quality and Service are our main drivers. We produce with 100% pure raw materials, consequently our products are tougher and last longer. We take our business seriously, so if anything unexpected occurs, we will take care of it.

Integrated Value Chain:

Our expertise covers the whole process of our value chain. From R&D to Marketing, from Manufacturing to Distribution, in Siang May we all are customer focused.

Active R&D:

We are always on the move to implement the latest technological advancements of our industry to our products. Our laboratory constantly works on our products improvement and on the development of innovative solutions.

Multi-Cultural Team:

We believe that to become global, we have to be global. That is why we have built a multi-cultural team that enriches us with diverse cultural and international experiences.

Partners versus Clients:

We consider our clients more partners than customers. We focus on building strong business relationships. We are long term oriented, that it is why we carefully listen to our clients and provide them with the products and services that meet their specific needs.

Confidentiality & Honesty:

Siang May guarantees its partners the intellectual property rights of new products; once a partner asks us to develop something we guarantee that we will not step on his market shares.