With more than 75 years of accumulated expertise, since our founder started in this business, Siang May has become a market leader in the Synthetic Fiber Industry. From our factories and warehouses located in four different countries, we currently export to more than 60 countries globally.

The company was born in Singapore, where our headquarters is currently located. At the heart of South East Asia, we benefit from an exceptional business hub, from where we coordinate and supervise our activities.

  • 2007: Opening of regional offices in Shanghai.
  • 2007: Setting up of a net design and “complete net” factory.
  • 2002: Anti-fouling solutions are integrated in our product range.
  • 1997: Fishing line factory inauguration in China that means the beginning of our Sport Fishing range.
  • 1994: Siang May diversifies its range by setting up a new factory for Aquaculture cages, together with Agriculture and Construction products.
  • 1992: An extrusion machinery factory in China is incorporated to Siang May Group.
  • 1988: With a joint venture set up in Penang (Malaysia), Siang May increases its manufacturing capacity in order to respond to the Malaysian market demand in fishing nets.
  • 1982: Mr. Quek son, our current CEO, joins Siang May. He has the opportunity to learn from his father expertise and at the same time he brings his international view for the company’s future growth.
  • 1980: In 1974 Mr. Quek suffers a stroke that affected is speech capability. However, his eagerness and entrepreneurship spirit remains intact and in 1980 he decides to continue the business by his own, and he sets up Siang May Pte Ltd.
  • 1935-1980: in 1935 Mr. Quek joins his cousin in the challenging venture of keeping a business going, Tiong Hoe & Co Pte Ltd. Started as a small family business,  soon grows with effort and enthusiasm, becoming one of the most important fishing nets manufacturer and provider in South East Asia.